Monday, March 15, 2010

Wanting to go to the Holy Lands…

If you had asked me 17 years ago if I ever wanted to go to Israel, the answer would have been a resounding “No”. Why, you may ask, since my blog is so geared towards Israel? Well, first 1994 is when I came to the Lord and a few years after that with God working on me I came to the knowledge of the importance of Israel to God. Now I am an advocate for the churches to understand that we (the church) have not replaced Israel (churches teaching a replacement theology are not just wrong and are perverting God’s Word)  in God’s plans.

So back to the point of wanting to go to the Holy Lands. It’s not just for sightseeing, but rather to get a more visual of the land God talks about in His Word. I have talked to more people that have gone and come back describing how much more their study experiences are enhanced by the trip. Since that is one of the things I enjoy doing is studying God’s Word, I want to travel to Israel and see the land that my Jesus will be reigning over upon His literal return. I know there will be differences but to be in such an awesome place is awe inspiring to me.

I have heard of several churches and teachers that take regular trips to Israel and may hook up with one of them at some point. One sad thing I just found out recently was that a teacher I admire, Chuck Missler at Koinonia House (, is going most likely for his final trip this year. I am praying for a way to go but if it doesn’t happen God has a better plan than I could come up with it so I leave it in the Master’s hands.

If you have been to Israel on a trip, leave me a comment on your thoughts. What you found interesting. What changed you because of your trip.

God bless.

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