Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why do Christians act as though Jesus hasn't risen until resurrection Sunday?

I ask the question only because of a couple of e-mails I received from some co-workers. They act as though Jesus has to be risen anew each year, when in fact he already rose 2000 years ago. What is man messing up so bad in Jesus' church that there are saints that either forget or deny this fact.

I pray for these people that the Holy Spirit will do a work in them to correct this misconception. We should be celebrating daily that our Lord rose exactly as He had foretold throughout the Old Testament and came to past in the New.

Have a blessed day each and everyday knowing our Father in heaven is in total and complete control.
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  1. Some anonymous person slammed this post as being hateful because of someone's video. Whoever you are, if you read this just letting you know I have not now or ever published any videos on YOU TUBE. So I am afraid you have mistaken my blog for someone else.